WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Charllotte Businesses Step Up

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Charlotte Businesses Step Up

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Recently a local businessman said we can't rely on the government to fix our neighborhood problems - the business community has to step up and step in.
And that is what we hope happens.

That statement was made at the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce's fall retreat.
It took place in Asheville, North Carolina.
About 150 business leaders came together to discuss what was really behind those violent protests that broke out after the police involved fatal shooting.
Leaders believe racism and a lack of economic mobility are the reasons for the anger.

We were encouraged to hear our local businesses are coming together to figure out a way how quality of life can be upgraded for all in Charlotte.
The business community says the Queen City will not be defined by images of chaos and confusion.
But rather a city that comes together and tackles the complex issues.

We support the business leaders' goals and want them to succeed.
The business community can help create good jobs, affordable housing, and support education.These problems are not new.

It appears leaders either dropped the ball or turned the other way.
This time the Chamber says it will pick up the ball, not ignore the problem and include a diverse group of people to come up with solutions.
We could ask the business community - what took you so long?
But instead we say - glad you signed up for this mission.

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