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Kannapolis Schools work to stop bullying on National Unity Day

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Kannapolis City Schools Kannapolis City Schools

As part of the national observance of Unity Day, students and staff at Kannapolis City Schools were involved in various activities focused on stopping bullying.

At Shady Brook Elementary, the school was decked out in orange in honor of National Unity Day with everyone being encouraged to wear orange on Wednesday.

Students and staff will make a Unity Chain with each person having a link and joining the links together to show their unity against bullying. The school also held an assembly to talk about what Unity Day is and how students and staff can take a stand against bullying at school and in the community.

“We start early telling about how we can be kind to other people and what to do, strategies to deal with bullying," said school counselor Donna Gerdes. “We start that from kindergarten all the way up through 12th grade here in Kannapolis City.  If we can teach children to make connections with one another, it’s hard to be mean to someone that you have a connection with, someone that you’re friends with.”

Kannapolis Middle School has put an "Upstanders" Banner in the school’s cafeteria where students can sign their names to show their unity and their pledge to be Upstanders. Students that sign the banner will receive an orange ribbon to wear to show their support for anti-bullying efforts. 

“Research shows that 1 out of every 4 students will experience at some point bullying, that’s K-12th grade," said 7th grade counselor Danah Dusch.  "We know that it is an issue, and we know that more than half of the students won’t report it and we try to teach our students through guidance lessons, through programs and campaigns that it’s important to be an ‘upstander,' to be someone that wants to make social change and make the settings safer for other students.”

At A.L. Brown High, students and staff were encouraged to wear orange on National Unity Day.

As part of the school’s celebration of Unity Day, students will be talking about what Unity means to them. Each class will create a poster that represents the students’ answers .

The students’ posters will be displayed throughout the school. A.L. Brown also has ongoing activities to combat bullying and has received national recognition for its anti-bullying efforts. 

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