VIDEO: Missing letter causes TV anchor to say 'check your panties' on air

RICHMOND, VA (WBTV) - One letter can make a huge difference in the message you are trying to send and a Virginia news anchor found that out the hard way on live television Wednesday morning.

Eric Philips, from NBC12 in Richmond, Virginia, was reading a script about a rice cooker recall when typo took the story in an entirely different direction.

The script should have said "check your pantries," but the r was inadvertently left out of the script and Philips didn't catch it before reading it on air.

The result... something you don't often hear on air and lots... and lots... and lots of laughing.

Co-anchor Karla Redditte can be heard telling Philips that she saw it right before he started talking, but couldn't warn him in time.

Meteorologist Andrew Freiden had some good words of advice for Philips "just go ahead and say hello to the internet."

Don't worry. Philips, and the station, are having a little fun with it.

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