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Neighbors say pit bulls terrorizing neighborhood


Some neighbors in an east Charlotte community said two dogs that are roaming the neighborhood have them afraid for their lives.

“My concern is I have two loose pit bulls running around, started coming at my house, trying to get in at my doors, at my windows,” said a neighbor who lives on Purser Drive and didn’t want to give her name. “I’m scared to death to get outside now.”

Jennifer Almazo said the same thing happened to her family.

“We couldn’t get out of the house,” she said. “Actually growling and barking at the door. Thank God there’s a glass because my kids were about to come out and they were jumping and we got scared.”

Almazo said, “We’ve only seen them twice but they’re very aggressive dogs, like I’m afraid if the kids are like right now playing outside they’re going to get attacked by them. You can’t really talk to them. They’ll just see you and they’ll... I think they’ll attack.”

The woman who didn’t want to be identified said the dogs have attacked.

“They were in my yard and they ran off to the other side and my cat ran out and they killed her on the sidewalk,” she said. “I guess they grabbed her by her neck and they killed her and animal control brought her back to me to identify her.”

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Animal Control told WBTV that officers responded to Purser Drive on Saturday and Sunday for calls for two aggressive dogs. A spokesperson said she couldn’t elaborate on the calls but said “this is an active case and is currently being investigated.”

Another neighbor on Purser Drive said the neighborhood is “usually a very quiet street, nice neighbors, some retirees.”

Barry Holcomb said “occasionally I have seen a couple {dogs} loose and I’ve called animal control when I have.”

Neighbors say many people in the area have dogs and keep them behind a fence or on a leash. No one knows whose two pit bulls are roaming the neighborhood.

Almazo said, “It worries us a lot because we all have kids, especially after school or weekends  - they’re all playing outside.”

She said the two times the dogs came to their house, “We weren’t able to go out at all because we didn’t know whether they were gone - like far away or still roaming around. We were just afraid.”

The woman whose cat was killed said she’s frustrated because it appears as though Animal Control isn’t doing anything.

“Something needs to be done,” she said about the unknown owner. “They need to put him on a leash or he needs to be supervised with those dogs. Those are very dangerous dogs for little children, for myself. It’s not fair to us.”

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