#30Tipsin30Days - Day 10!

#30Tipsin30Days - Day 10!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You're not hungry, you're THIRSTY. That's Day 10 of #30Tipsin30Days. Did you know that a good bit of the time we're not actually hungry but thirsty. Hard to believe - but true.

Now, I'm not talking stomach growling or sharp stomach pains you get once you're hangry (hungry + angry). That's definitely hunger!

BUT - a lot of time we confuse hunger with thirst. So if you've just eaten within the past hour - try drinking 8-10 oz of water and wait 15 minutes before reaching for any food. If those 'pangs' don't return - chances are you were just thirsty.

And while we're on the subject - aim for 64 oz of water a day, folks. I promise you will feel better, your skin will thank you and it does aid in weight loss! Not a fan of plain water? Jazz it up the way I do with fresh or frozen fruit! My go-to combo: lemon, lime and strawberries. The strawberries are frozen since they go bad more quickly and I just drop a slice of lemon and lime in and that keeps me through at least 2 refills of my water bottle each day.

TRY IT. (Remember, that's day 3's tip!)

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**Editor's Note: Please consult your doctor before starting any new health and wellness program.