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Emails show questions asked by Charlotte City Council for new city manager

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Emails received by WBTV show what type of questions the Charlotte City Council wanted to ask applicants applying for the city manager's position. 

Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles emailed her colleagues back in September, writing, "Please review the questions submitted by the search firm; review the suggestions below and add any changes you see as needed."

The email goes on to reveal some interview questions touching on topics such as management style, communications, and work force development.

One question involved the police department. An email exchange between council concerning a question read, "I think the interest is in Police community relations and would ask this question about policing - What is your approach to working with the Police Chief and the Department in the current policing environment? And what do you see as the police issues for a safe city in the next 3 to 5 years considering the perspective of the officer and the perspective of a diverse community."

Another question in the email was about the Fire Department, reading, "Charlotte's fire Department is nationally recognized, what do you see as the future of an established and credentialed Fire department?"

The police chief and fire chief answered the city manager.

"We need someone who clearly understands law enforcement," Former councilman Malcolm Graham said. "Someone who has a background in urban communities and someone who is keen at problem solving. We have some issues in our community that needs solving."

Graham knows the responsibilities of a city manager, and hopes the city council gets it right when determining the next city manager.

"We need leadership in this community," Graham said. "And leadership has to come out of the city manager's office."

Another question that council wanted to ask dealt with finance.

"I would restate question - What are the key metrics for a City with sound financial policies?" 

Communication skills was also a priority for council. In an email exchange with council, members wanted each candidate to describe their skill set when dealing with disagreements.

The email reads, in part, "Provide an example of how you have led a project that resulted in improved teamwork... How have you dealt with opposing views of the City Council? How do you facilitate productive discussion when there are difference interests and positions?"

Lyles made a suggestion. She wanted to know how the candidate's deal with work force climate.

"Charlotte is a growing city coming out of recession with multiple service needs and constraints, how do you work with senior management to build a confident, engaged and innovative workforce."

Sources said the person council picked for city manager is knowledgeable in running a city and is an outsider.

The new city manager will be named on Wednesday, October 19, at council's 5:30 meeting.

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