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Livingstone College releases statement on large campus fight


Livingstone College says they are acting aggressively to investigate a large fight that broke out over the weekend following the homecoming game.

The college released a statement, saying they enjoyed record crowds from alumni, students and people of Salisbury ending the "wonderful week of homecoming activities."

"Yet, as great as it was, these wonderful moments were marred by a fight triggered, we are informed, by persons who were not in our student population," the statement continued.

Salisbury police said they were called for a third time to the college in reference to fights and disorderly actions among a crowd of "several hundred" students and visitors. It happened just after 12 a.m. Sunday.

According to reports, "chemical agents" were used to disperse the crowd when there were confrontations between police and people in the group. 

Livinstone College said, "We are acting aggressively to fully investigate the incident, to determine what Livingstone College students were involved, and to take the appropriate action, according to our student judicial code."

Livingstone's president met with student leaders and faculty members to get their input for establishing new policies and guidelines "that will strengthen the rigor in which we manage and provide security measures for this kind of event."

The president is also meeting with Salisbury City Officials and police to determine best policies in the future. 

"We live in challenging times today. And all it takes is one ill-intentioned person to create chaos in an otherwise peaceful and fun-loving environment.  Livingstone College is not immune from the occurrence of unforeseen events, but we will do all we can to mitigate the likelihood of this happening again and to maintain our status, according to Background, as one of the safest campus in North Carolina," the college said in a statement. 

Read Livingstone College's full statement HERE

Police said their "strategic" use of the chemical agents helped break up the group Sunday morning. One person was arrested during the disturbance.

Livingstone College police, Rowan Sheriff's Office, fire and EMS personnel all responded to the school.

The school was on lockdown for the rest of the night.

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