Morning Motivation: Faith vs. Fact 101

Morning Motivation: Faith vs. Fact 101

(WBTV) - Faith is greater than a religious experience. Faith is the inner power of belief which enables you to bring the unseen into a seen environment.

Faith enables us to envision the life we want and place a hard belief of expectancy to it. Without faith it is impossible to bring the perfect life to fruition.

But when facts, true events come into play it is hard to imagine faith having a voice in our life. It is impossible to see faith becoming the ultimate voice.

Faith is intended to outweigh fact and the only way you can do so is by allow faith to become greater in your life than fact could ever be.

Three principles to keep in mind when allowing faith to overcome fact:

  • Faith is greater than fact
  • Faith changes fact
  • Fact is fact only until faith intervenes

Faith is the greatest power ever presented to mankind. Use it to change fact. Use it to change the course of your life.

- Coach LaMonte

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