Do's and Don'ts for Driving in the Rain

Do's and Don'ts for Driving in the Rain
N Charlotte Toyota tips
N Charlotte Toyota tips
It seems like we’ll be facing some not-so-nice weather for just a bit longer this fall! In the wake of Hurricane Matthew and other storms, Toyota of N Charlotte wants to remind drivers how to safely drive in rain and even some ways NOT to drive in the rain and on wet roads.

Safe driving in rain

Taking on wet roads starts with preparation. Heading straight into the storm with no preparation can be dangerous! If you’re going to be driving in rain or on wet roads, make sure your car is up for the task. Bring it to our Toyota Service Center near Charlotte for a full inspection, including:
  • Tires – checking for tire wear, tread depth, and low tire pressure.
  • Brakes – inspecting for worn out components, low brake fluid or leaks in the system.
  • Headlights – have your headlights restored for maximum visibility in the rain and fog.
  • Windshield wipers – get that rain out of your way with new windshield wipers. If your current wiper blades just push the water around rather than clear it, you need new ones!
It’s crucial that your car is in top-working condition! Once you’re sure that your car can brave the storm, make sure your safe driving techniques are up to par. When it comes to safe driving in rain, remember these do’s and don’ts from Toyota of N Charlotte:


  • Use defensive driving techniques. Always buckle up, abide by road rules, and obey speed limits. Pay attention to places you can move to in case of sudden stops or reckless drivers.
  • Use your headlights and windshield wipers. Maximize your visibility! Ensure that you’ll be able to see in front of you, and other drivers will be able to see you!
  • Slow down. Do not speed! Reducing your speed will give your car’s tires more opportunity to get traction and allow better control.


  • Follow too closely. Leave safe following space between your N Charlotte Toyota and the cars in front of you. More space allows for more reaction time in case of sudden stops.
  • Turn on your flashers. Using your flashers while driving in the rain is actually illegal! Do not commit this moving violation. You can only use your hazard lights when your car is disabled.
  • Use cruise control. It is extremely dangerous to use cruise control while driving in rain. Turn this speed regulating device completely off and control your car manually.
If you are uncomfortable driving in the rain, make sure to check weather reports before you leave the house! You don’t want to be stuck in a heavy storm if you don’t have to. However, if you are unable to avoid rainy weather on the road, pull over to safety. It’s better to pull off the road safely until you feel more comfortable – just don’t forget to use your hazard lights when your car is stopped on the side of the road.
For more tips on safe driving in rain, just give our new Toyota dealership near Charlotte a call at (888) 883-3797!