Man loses sight, finds new inspiration to help others

Blind man's painting wins contest

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Brett Greer might amaze you with his many talents. He paints, he plays the guitar, and he throws clay to make pottery.

What might be most amazing though about his talents, he didn't start them until he started to lose his sight.

"I wanted to find things that I could still do even though I was going blind," Greer said.

Ten years ago Greer was diagnosed with a progressive illness called Retinitis Pigmentosa. He started to lose his vision rather quickly. Today, he's almost totally blind in his left eye and has very limited vision in his right. But it's enough, he says.

"I can't see too well to paint so I'm really not that good, but I guess it's good enough," Greer said.

It was good enough indeed. The Cleveland Sight Center in Ohio just selected Greer's painting 'Cabin in the Wilderness' as one of its annual holiday cards for sale. The contest selects three works of art each year to feature on their cards.

"I just want to help people and I figure this is my way of helping other people," Greer said.

The painting is a landscape work that evokes the feel of a snowy wilderness. You can almost see the heart and soul he put into it, and you can hear his excitement about it being chosen as this year's contest winner.

"I ran out onto the porch and called my Mom and Dad to tell them," Greer said after he got the call his painting was selected.

The proceeds from the card sales will go to help others will vision limitations.

It's another notch in his belt of inspiration. Greer says even though his vision fails him, his talents can still help others do better. And that's his life's goal now.

"I love helping people. I'd rather help people than do anything else in the world," Greer said.

For information on Greer's painting and how to purchase his holiday card, click here.

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