The Improper Pig: Smoked Pull Pork Sandwich

The Improper Pig recipe

Recipe: Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich

Courtesy: The Improper Pig - Costwold Area

4 oz of smoked pulled pork from The Improper Pig
2oz of house made slaw from The Improper Pig
1 Toasted bun from Flower's Bakery
1 leaf of Romaine lettuce

We lay the lettuce on the bun top, then, we add a scoop of our house made slaw. Next, we stack our smoked pulled pork on the bun bottom. Finally, you add your choice of sauce: Mary B's, Queen Bee, Eastern Vinegar, Spicy Hoisin, Jeff's Mustard, or Tong's Thai. Feeling really Improper? Try mixing our sauces. Enjoy!