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Day 7 - Getting your Inner Circle on board!

(Brigida Mack | WBTV) (Brigida Mack | WBTV)

You made it to Day 7 - congrats! Today's #30tipsin30days - Getting your inner circle on board. This can be a toughie. And I don't mean getting them to do the challenge with you. That is ideal but not all necessary for YOU to succeed. I simply mean getting them to respect and support your decision even though they may not understand.

I call it a "come to Jesus" talk. Let your family, spouse, significant other and friends know how important this is to you. This is about taking charge of your health so you won't be eating certain foods and they shouldn't try to push them on you. Be firm - and candid - telling them flat-out you need them cheering you on, not trying to sabotage you by offering you food they KNOW you're staying away from.

There's no way I would have come as far as I did without my family's love and support. They've been cheering me on, keeping me accountable and encouraging me when I've faltered.

That said, if you live with them - it can be hard to say "I’m throwing away all temptation", especially with children. At the least, confine the those foods to one cabinet/shelf/cupboard. That way for you there aren't any surprises and it can be easier to stay away from it! However, if cleaning house is an option - I advocate for that. It's a lot easier to resist what isn't there.

Bottom line: stick to your guns and stay focused. They just might join you after seeing your success!

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Editor’s Note: Please consult your doctor before starting any new health and wellness plan.

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