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People in Rock Hill helping flood victims across the Carolinas

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People in Rock Hill are doing whatever they can to help victims of flooding from Hurricane Matthew in both North and South Carolina.

Friday morning, a truck full of donations left Rock Hill for Robeson County, NC. It was driven by David Oxendine, who helped organize the drive in just a few days. His family is from the Lumberton area.

"It's sad to see so much devastation in that area and we're just hoping we can make a positive impact for them," Oxendine said.

The Oxendine family owns Red Line Chemical in Rock Hill. The family used their company truck to transport food, clothes, and toiletries to the drop off site. Items will be distributed to four different shelters.

"I'm just heartbroken seeing people that have lost everything and we have traveled through Lumberton the last 33 years to the beach," said Jane Southwell, who came to the Walmart parking lot Friday afternoon to donate.

The turnout was moving for Oxendine. He said some in his family have been displaced or lost vehicles due to the rising waters.

"When you think about all the people who are displaced or homeless or in need, to see other folks from 2 hours away, 130 miles away coming out and support really tells you what kind of humanity we do have," Oxendine said.

Other people to help flood victims are just returning to the Rock Hill area. Four city firefighters went to Marion County, South Carolina to help victims there.

"These people have got a long road to recovery," said Captain Trey Hovis.

Hovis believes damage in some of the small communities was more widespread than it was during flooding in Columbia, SC, last year.

He said many of the people they rescued stayed at their home to try and ride out the storm.

"Overnight the water rose probably two or three more feet, so they had about three or four feet of water in their area and they were trapped, so we went in and made some rescues of those people there," said Hovis.

The four man crew spent three nights in Marion County, sleeping at a fire station there.

"We had probably 90 others that would have been happy to do the same thing," Hovis said.

Neighbors donating to Friday's delivery truck hope their contributions will bring someone a smile during such a difficult time for victims and their families.

"That's what Rock Hill is about," Southwell said, "helping others."

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