Mourners say goodbye to Keith Lamont Scott near Charleston

Mourners say goodbye to Keith Lamont Scott
(Steve Crump | WBTV)
(Steve Crump | WBTV)

Charleston, SC (WBTV) - During a two-hour service at First Baptist Church in James Island, Keith Lamont Scott was eulogized on his home South Carolina soil as a man who liked reggae music, loved to read, and a father that adored his children.

Cleary Wright is Keith Scott's uncle. He feels the loss is hard to take.

"Seven kids. Seven kids that have to grow up without a father," Wright said.

Healing was a shared outcome during the celebration of his life, and attorney's representing Scott's wife, Rakeyia Scott, are hoping more of the truth will come out regarding what happened on the afternoon of September 20.

Scott, who died at age 43, was fatally wounded by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer Brently Vinson. The shooting kicked off a wave of deadly street violence and nightly protests never before seen in Charlotte.

Jonathan Thrower was one protestor who hit the streets in Charlotte for several nights.

"Right now you're seeing the voices of young individuals who are tired of these discriminatory practices," he said. "So we are now taking a stand - we want justice for Keith Scott."

Further examination of Scott's background revealed past problems with police, and relatives do not deny that he had issues.

Spalvera Graham is Scott's sister, and she isn't moved by the public perception.

"They're not telling us anything we didn't know," she said. "It didn't surprise us with anything they came out and told us. We're family. We know."

One of the themes expressed at the service was justice for Keith. Harold Smalls of Charlotte said he is heading back home with the realization that African American parents must have critical conversations with their children.

"I tell my son he has to respect all police officers," Smalls said, "No matter what or how he feels."

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