#30Tipsin30Days - Day 6: Powering through weekends!

#30Tipsin30Days - Day 6: Powering through weekends!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - How to power through weekends! That's tip for #day6 of #30tipsin30days. It can be tough. Especially if you're used to staying on track during the week only to "reward" yourself on weekends.

Remember when I said yesterday - this is about re-training your mind? Rewarding yourself - with something other than FOOD. If you stay on track all week long, say no to temptations and meet your goal for the number of weekly workouts - treat yourself to a manicure, a night out at the movies or a new pair of workout shoes. I really learned the power of doing this when I saw changes on the scale. I would buy a new top or pants - or even workout clothes! When I lost 30lbs - I got myself a really quality pair of running shoes.

Also, remember the reward is your HEALTH. Getting healthy, seeing a different number on the scale, getting your blood pressure to improve or your blood sugar numbers back in a normal range; whatever it is - THAT is the reward!

So stay on track this weekend. Don't derail all the progress you've made. By now - your headaches (if you have them) have likely subsided, you're probably not as cranky or fatigued AND you may even be feeling good (imagine that!). By this time I always feel lighter, more energetic and alert - that means your body is adjusting and starting to hit its stride. The last thing you want to do is have to go through that detox all over again, do you??

Stay the course. You got this!

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Editor's Note: Please consult your doctor before starting any health and wellness plan.