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Franklin Graham says Charlotte mayor should resign

(Pamela Escobar | WBTV) (Pamela Escobar | WBTV)

Voters have less than a month to decide who they will vote for. Franklin Graham told a crowd of thousands in Raleigh Thursday that this election is not about Trump's words or Clinton's emails.

He is encouraging Christians to vote, and during his speech he used Charlotte as an example to get his point across.

Raleigh was Franklin Graham's last stop on his Decision America Tour that started in Iowa in January. His 50th stop in his home state was his largest crowd.

Graham has been touring the country encouraging people to pray to God about who to vote for. He says the country is in trouble and asked the people who attended his rally to pray for the country's sins.

"We see how politics is failing. What can I do? Vote OK, vote OK," Graham stressed.

Graham did not say who to vote for, but said the presidential election is about the future of the Supreme Court. Also, he did praise Gov. Pat McCrory for his stance while under fire and used Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts as an example of what he says happens when Christians do not vote.

"Less than four percent of the people of Charlotte voted for her. She's not going to win the next election. She's going to lose, flat out lose," Graham said afterward to WBTV. "And she should go ahead and resign right now, in my opinion - and the whole city council put the whole state through this problem. And I blame her."

WBTV reached out to Mayor Roberts about Graham's call for her resignation and a spokesperson declined to comment.

Over 14,000 people heard Graham speak about Roberts and his message of prayer and voting.

Sam Wood of Monroe said this was the second time he heard Graham speak during his Decision America Tour. When asked what the takeaway is, he said prayer.

"This will help me strengthen the decision that I need to pray and vote," Wood said.

When WBTV asked Carol Overcash of Mooresville who she will vote for, she said she wasn't sure.

"Still praying about it," Overcash said.

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