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Chef: House broken into, dogs beaten after purse snatched at restaurant

(Photo courtesy Sandra Mannaravalappil) (Photo courtesy Sandra Mannaravalappil)
(Photo courtesy Sandra Mannaravalappil) (Photo courtesy Sandra Mannaravalappil)

A Matthew's restaurant owner is still shaken up after she says someone stole her purse, broke into her house, stole valuables, and beat her dogs.

It's been a week since Sandra Mannaravalappil worked at her restaurant, The South Charlotte Chef, in Matthews.

Last Thursday, she said someone stole her purse from the restaurant. Mannaravalappil said her home was later broken into, valuables taken, and her two dogs beaten.

"We found the shovel and it still had white dog fur on it, they had picked it up from the side of the house and hit him with it," Mannaravalappil said.

Around closing time on October 6, Mannaravalappil said a man approached her while she was in the dining room asking for a sandwich. She said she told the man she was closed, but eventually she began to make the sandwich after she felt uncomfortable.

"I saw him move and then I turned around and he was reaching for that square system on the counter,"  Mannaravalappil said.

Mannaravalappil said after noticing the suspect reach for the iPad and the four square payment system, she left the restaurant from the back, where she knew the neighboring business owners were outside.

She said when they all went back inside the South Charlotte Chef building, the man was gone. Mannaravalappil had no plans to call the police until she realized her purse was missing.

Mannaravalappil's husband arrived at the restaurant to talk with her and Matthews Police officers. It was during that time, she believes, the crooks broke into her house, using the information they had obtained from identification cards her purse.

"When I walked into the house the dogs were crazy, jumping all over me, and I thought 'oh, I forgot to get dog food,'" Mannaravalappil said.

When Mannaravalappil returned from the store, she said her husband told her the house had been ransacked.


"Every door had been opened, every drawer had been knocked over. My closet was ripped apart, all my watch boxes were out," Mannaravalappil said.

The couple then found a shovel that they said was used to beat two of her dogs, Scotty, a white German Sheppard, and Spencer, a rescue dog. Mannaravalappil's house is about ten minutes from her restaurant, but lies in Charlotte. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are investigating the break-in. 

Mannaravalappil is hopeful someone will come forward with information.

"I really want to get a hold of them and a shovel, and let them see what it was like over some stupid computers and a tennis bracelet," Mannaravalappil said.

Both dogs have been frightened ever since the break-in. Mannaravalappil still has not opened back up her restaurant.

"I worry about - they know where I live, they know when I'm here, they know my husband is at the office. They could come back,"  Mannaravalappil said.

No arrests have been made. If you have any information about the crimes, call the Matthews Police Department or Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

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