Morning Motivation: The Senses of Life

Morning Motivation: The Senses of Life

(WBTV) - The senses of the ideal life.

We all want to live an amazing life! Well living that life is as simple as our physical senses. The following five steps are easy to remember, apply, and live.

You can win. You will win. We must first align our physical senses to help in the process of guiding us towards a dynamic life.

These five steps:

  1. Possess a clear vision of your path ahead
  2. Listen to the voice in your spirit edging you forward
  3. Smell the sweet aroma of a perfect plan
  4. Open your mouth to taste the words of a perfect plan
  5. Put your hand to the plow and don't look back.

Happy sensing to an ideal life!

- Coach LaMonte

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