Hundreds of birds saved from NC coast now need help

Local rescue takes in hundreds of birds

INDIAN TRAIL, NC (WBTV) - The stories of equine rescues and cat and dog rescues are quite a common part of the Hurricane Matthew storyline, but you don't hear a lot about the birds.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Indian Trail accepted hundreds of birds from Skywatch Rescue in Wilmington. The rescue had to be evacuated, and the birds had to go as well.

Jennifer Gordon, the director of CWR, said they didn't have a choice but to help.

"If you leave them there then there's a chance they could die, and you can't do that," Gordon said.

Gordon and dozens of volunteers worked countless hours to make the four-hour trip to Wilmington several times until all the birds were out.

CWR is now a temporary home to egrits, pelicans, herons, owls, emus, pheasants, and seagulls - just to name a few.

The rescue is grateful for the kind souls who continue to support the needs of the birds with donations, but Gordon says more is needed to help keep them all fed.

"We didn't budget for this, and now we have more than 200 extra birds to feed," Gordon said.

CWR is asking for people to donate time or money to help keep the birds healthy until they're able to be returned to their coastal rescue. The group also needs volunteers who are willing to help transport the birds back home once their enclosures have been repaired from the storm.

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