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Why are political lawn signs not showing up in Charlotte neighborhoods?

(Joseph Muller | WBTV) (Joseph Muller | WBTV)

Normally, this time of the year every four years, some voters are primed for the elections - putting out political lawn signs telling which candidate is getting their support. This election, the norm is not exactly happening in Charlotte.

"My experience since I’ve been in Charlotte these 30 years is that there have been lots and lots of signs in the medians of highways, on the corners of streets, and in lots of yards. Not so this year," said Terry Wallace. "Very, very few - and I’m curious as to why that it is."

WBTV drove around some Charlotte neighborhoods to see which races are getting attention. With four weeks to go before the elections, there aren't a lot of yard signs out and about. 

"I don’t understand why though," Sidney Woodward said, adding that the landscape was more active last election. "I think four years ago, with that particular election, I think more people were interested."

This year, the combative presidential race has dominated political headlines. Some residents wonder if the race for the White House has something to do with the lack of the lawn signs.

"People are probably ashamed of both of the candidates," Wallace said, while acknowledging that North Carolinians are also voting for Governor, Senate, and other races. "There are very few of those as well. I wonder if the interest in politics has waned this year just because such strange things have happened at the top of the ticket."

Woodward said he suspects the presidential race is the main reason why people are not enthusiastic.

"I think a lot of people are not feeling either candidate," he said. 

But, then Woodward remembered the other races. "No, I didn’t see any of those either. I don’t know." 

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