Morning Motivation: Forgiveness 101

Morning Motivation: Forgiveness 101

(WBTV) - In life we are required to do many things and one of those major requirements is the power to forgive.

Forgiveness whether granted towards us or extended from us is the key to living a heart happy and fulfilled life. If we are going to forgive we must forgive.

Though it is not easy to forgive and let go of offenses, those wrongs which have been done to us, it is important to have a few steps in mind which will make the process much easier:

  1. Forgive does not mean forget. Though you forgive never expect it to be completely released from your thinking. There is no such thing as forgive and forget.
  2. Forgiveness is offering a pardon to another. When you forgive someone you offer a much needed pardon to the other person. You no longer hold the offense over them.
  3. Forgiveness is for you, not so much for them. You can forgive without them knowing they you have released them. It is for your healing and your ability to move forward.
  4. Forgiveness does not mean you have to rekindle a relationship. Forgiveness does not mean mend. You don’t have to return to a relationship that hurt you. You forgive because it is healing for you.

These are the four steps to keep in mind when offering the power of forgiveness.

- Coach LaMonte