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Hundreds still without power outside of Charlotte in SC, some evacuees returning home

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Residents who evacuated the coast for Hurricane Matthew are preparing to return home, while some as far inland as Chesterfield County are still dealing with impacts from the storm.

In Chesterfield County, about 1,000 people were still without power as of Monday afternoon, according to an outage map from Duke Energy.

The school district canceled classes for Monday. Power is out the courthouse and several homes north of town.

"Have to wash up in cold water or get a cold bath," said Vivian Sowell who lives in Chesterfield.

Sowell said her lights went off Saturday morning. She said that she was told it could take until Thursday to get power restored. The food in freezer will have spoiled by then.

"Six hundred dollars worth of food, meat and vegetables I put out," Sowell said.

Linemen are already hard at work. WBTV saw several crews spread out across South Carolina Monday.

A line remained down across Highway 9 in Mount Croghan, forcing cars and trucks to detour off the busy road in between Pageland and Chesterfield.

South of Chesterfield, Songbird Rd. was washed out because of the torrential rains. About six other county roads are also closed for repairs, according to the Chesterfield County Office of Emergency Management.

"I think we come out pretty good compared to our brothers to the east and the south," said Director Harold Hainey.

Many families evacuating from Charleston and Hilton Head took refuge outside of Charlotte in Rock Hill.

"We know there's been flooding, we've seen some pictures, we're just not sure about our house," said Andrew Pernice.

Pernice and his family moved to Hilton Head. It's not their first experience with a hurricane. The family left with their 6-year-old son Cooper.

"This time after going through Sandy we said alright let's be smart and get out. We had him and didn't want to take the chance of staying," Pernice said.

Most hotels in and around Rock Hill were at capacity from over the weekend. Businesses were also packed with people who had come north for the storm.

"We saw a lot of traffic, U-Hauls, trucks, a lot of families just coming this way, we spoke to some people from Charleston coming up this way trying to find a place to stay," said Deborah Roberts at Newk's Eater in Rock Hill.

Roberts estimated it was almost twice as busy as a normal weekend.

Some residents who were still seeking shelter in the Charlotte area told WBTV they may wait another day or two before going home. All are optimistic they'll return to what they left before the storm.

"There's people from all over up here, doing the same thing just trying to figure it out," Pernice said.

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