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BLOG: It's time to clean up after Hurricane Matthew, help our neighbors

(Steve Ohnesorge | WBTV) (Steve Ohnesorge | WBTV)

When it comes to Matthew, the WBTV viewing area definitely got the best the hurricane had to offer.

We had a wet and windy Saturday. We got much needed rain from a slow and steady event. The airport picked up more than 2.5”. 

The rest of our state to the east was much less fortunate.

On the coast, dunes were wiped out and water flooded into streets, houses and businesses. Several piers on our beaches were damaged or even destroyed. Water was in all kinds of places it shouldn’t be.

That’s just what happened on the coast. Inland, things were just as bad.

While the winds weren't as strong, the rain came down harder and faster in many places. Rainfall totals along the beaches ranged from 4-5”. Places inland like Fayetteville and Florence got 10-15”.

Chances are, the worst of the flooding in eastern North and South Carolina will still be going on for a while. As the water runs off and fills up bodies of water, then moves downstream, even more people will be impacted. Places that didn’t even get huge amounts of rain during the storm could still see flooding over the next few days. Some of the river flooding could even rival Floyd levels.

That’s only what happened in the Carolinas.

The storm moved along the Florida coast as a cat 4 and then a cat 3 hurricane – moving just close enough to do considerable damage but not close enough for it to be considered making landfall. Before that, the storm wreaked havoc on the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica and worst of all, Haiti. Hundreds are dead in Haiti alone because people were living in such poor conditions even before the storm.

Matthew hasn’t played by any of the rules. Last week, when we first began to talk about Matthew, the storm jumped from a cat 1 to a cat 4 in a day. The forecast models were all over the place throughout the life of the storm. It impacted the entire east coast of the US – from Florida to North Carolina and just barely made landfall. It didn’t really make a difference though. McClellanville, SC, where it did make landfall, doesn’t seem to have any more damage than all the other places it pummeled without the eye actually going over land.

We have no idea what we will find as far as damage in the days to come as Matthew finally leaves us alone, people can go back home and start to pick up the pieces.

I hope we will help them in any way we can. We did, after all, get the best part of the storm. Let’s help them get through the worst. 

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