Charleston residents have a lot to clean up after Hurricane Matt - | WBTV Charlotte

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Charleston residents have a lot to clean up after Hurricane Matthew hit

(Devin Futrelle | WBTV) (Devin Futrelle | WBTV)
Charleston, SC (WBTV) -

Navigating challenging waters around Charleston is a task normally reserved for boats, but hours after Hurricane Matthew left its mark local motorists were required to take on a new set of driving skills through water that was several feet deep.

Much of the damage was delivered in the dark of night, and day light revealed the bruises endured by the community.

The aftermath of strong winds, rains, and flooding offer the reminders of the storms power.

High waters crippled ATM’s and forced storm sewers to take in big gulps.

At one street corner, Griffin Peddicord rode it out. Protection came to his upstairs home and downstairs Yoga Studio with prayers and plywood.

“It was loud. Really loud,” he said. "We heard a couple of transformers blow."

While the City Market has been a ghost town over the last couple of nights, scars showcase the trauma.

That’s where Jericho Abungan stayed the course at his sushi eatery. 

“We never closed for people stay here downtown to provide them you know. So we can help another.” Abungan said.  

Helping one another is a weighty task that lies ahead, as many hands on deck put the so called Holy City back together. Plenty of work is required from Charleston’s best known streets right down to neighborhood front yards from a night that brought a new series of memories.

Sam Furr was sweeping debris from the front of his home on Broad Street.

“It kept us on our toes, and I glad to be outside not cooped up inside anymore,  ”Furr said.

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