BLOG: Deafening wind and pelted by acorns

BLOG: Deafening wind and pelted by acorns

GEORGETOWN, SC (WBTV) - It's been a long day in Georgetown, South Carolina and looks to be a long night and Saturday as well.

The storm is finally hitting here. We are not seeing just spotty rain and gusty winds now.  Water is pouring down from the skies and sustained winds have settled in and are building up slowly. I have been in more storms like this than a few and there is no mistake in saying that Matthew is on its way.

I just returned from a spot along the marshes where water is now pouring through onto the streets there. As I shot some video, it felt as if I was being pelted by hail, but it was acorns and leaves and tiny branches from the canopy of trees above me. The wind was howling through all of it, almost deafening. It will get louder as the storm approaches. It is almost hypnotic as the roar intensifies.

The safest way to get video in these situations is actually to crawl on your knees. Stay as compact as possible. I did. The video possibilities are everywhere it seemed. But it's a battle to get every shot and in a hurricane you have to pick your fights carefully. This time I almost stayed a bit too long in one spot but escaped just as the road I drove in on disappeared beneath the water.

I am back at the hotel now, trying to dry out the equipment and send video back for you to see. I will get some rest for a couple of hours but cannot step back for too long. Matthew will be knocking on the door come daybreak. It will be back to work for me.

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