Darius Rucker 'riding out' Hurricane Matthew in Mount Pleasant home

Charleston braces for hurricane

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WBTV) - Darius Rucker of Hootie and The Blowfish fame is going to ride Hurricane Matthew out in his South Carolina home.

WBTV caught up with Rucker outside of a Publix grocery store in Mount Pleasant as he was stocking up on storm-related supplies to get his family through the next few days.

The South Carolina native blames the threat of the hurricane on the changing of the seasons.

"It the nature of this time of year that can come and not come. So you've got to get prepared," he said. "We're gonna ride it out."

Rucker was buying bags of ice and other supplies to get through the storm.

"Oh it's a big deal," Rucker said, "but we've got a lot of folks at our house, and we decided when it turned north we'd like to stick it out and see what happens."

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