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Haitians in Charlotte react to Hurricane Matthew

(Dedrick Russell | WBTV) (Dedrick Russell | WBTV)

People living in Charlotte who are from Haiti are watching disaster happen again to their country. Hurricane Matthew destroyed parts of Haiti, and hundreds are believed to be dead.

"She had to take her stress medicine," Nicole Jules said through an interpreter. "Because there wasn't much she could do when she heard the news. She can take her medicine and trust in God."

Jules came to Charlotte for medical reasons back in 2010 after the Haiti earthquake. She still has relatives in Haiti, and is waiting for the chance to talk to them.

"She is going to try to get in contact with some of them later tonight," the interpreter said.

Jules said she is concerned about help coming to Haiti. She believes it can no longer be business as usual.

"Haiti needs a lot of help when folks from outside help Haiti," she said. "That they need to do a better job in distributing the help and aid. A lot of times what happens is a lot of folks at the top  keep the aid for their family members."

Pastor Marc-Arthur Pierre-Louis is from Haiti. He is the pastor of Christian International Faith Center in Charlotte. He talked to some of his friends in Haiti after the Hurricane hit.

"It is bad," he said. "It's really bad. The country is very vulnerable to natural catastrophes."

"The government is doing its part," Pierre-Louis said. "But it's not enough, the population has to be educated. A lot of times we tend to focus on the basic necessities, giving them water. That is good, but if you don't educate them to the point where they are thinking about solving these issues, then you are not doing a good job. It is not sustainable."

The pastor wants has been traveling to Haiti to teach young people about computers. He wants to teach them how to create apps so they can help build a better and stronger Haiti.

"Put together the infrastructure that will withstand this problem," the Pastor said. "The hurricane has gone through other countries, but they don't suffer as much as we do - why there's a problem there."

While these Haitians wait for help for their homeland, Jules says there is not much one can do in Haiti if disaster strikes again.

"There's not many options you can exercise," Jules said. "Not many places you can go. You just have to trust in God - hunker down the whole time."

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