#FridayFactCheck: Ross claims Burr has spent too long in Washington

Fact Check: Deborah Ross' claims about Richard Burr

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - On Your Side Investigates is putting some candidates' claims to the test in a weekly series that will run each Friday between now and Election Day.

This week we looked at claims made by Democrat Deborah Ross who is challenging Republican Richard Burr for the US Senate.

In a series of TV ads, press releases and other statements, Ross has criticized Burr for being a Washington insider. Multiple TV ads specifically accuse Burr of accepting "millions from special interests."

Burr, who is running for his third term in the US Senate, has served in Congress - either in the Senate or the House of Representatives - since he was first elected as a representative in 1994.

In a recent interview with On Your Side Investigates, Burr acknowledged his long tenure on Capitol Hill.

"I had no intentions of staying as long as I have but the switch from the house to the senate, my chairmanship of the senate intelligence committee; I've found that there is real value to the historical perspective of 9/11," Burr said, pointing out that very few federal lawmakers currently serving were in office during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011. "That institutional knowledge is incredibly valuable to the American people."

Burr serves as the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He has said that this will be his last term if he is re-elected.

A review of Burr's campaign finance records show he has accepted millions of dollars from political action committees associated with corporations and special interest groups since his last re-election campaign in 2010.

The campaign finance tracking website OpenSecrets.org, operated by the Center for Responsive Politics, shows Burr's campaign has taken in $3.1 million from political action committees. He has raised $8.7 million total.

We rate Ross' claim that Burr has accepted "millions from special interests" as true.

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