Motivational MVP: Lisa Thornton

Motivational MVP: Lisa Thornton

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We have all had to face our fair share of challenges in life. For Lisa Thornton, those challenges have come at a heavy price.

Her life would forever be changed when Lisa walked into her daughter Rana's bedroom and discovered her lifeless body succumb by suicide.

It was this event, as a parent, which shook her to the core and caused her to awaken with an intense passion, and mission, to prevent other families from experiencing what her family had just faced.

With the loss of her daughter Rana, Lisa would later create an amazing non-profit organization, Teen Reach.

Teen Reach is dedicated in memory of Rana, described by her family and friends as a loving, trusting, beautiful, smart young woman who was a nationally ranked gymnast. She later became withdrawn, frightened, angry at the age of fourteen, who couldn't talk about or cope with being sexually assaulted and bullied.

The program has grown and developed as a result of feedback from the thousands of high school students who have spoken openly about bullying, dating violence and self-harm prevention since 2011.

Why I selected Lisa Thornton as my Motivation MVP:

Lisa is a warrior and community activist. She is selfless and has a knack for placing full attention on the issues which face our young people, and less focused on her own ambitions.

We celebrate Lisa because she has created a blueprint which will enable others in the community to take notice on how they too can create social and uniform change.

Lisa believes that everyone has the potential to be a change agent but it's your responsibility to arise to the occasion and bring change forward. Lisa also believes that life will teach you lessons, but your character will educate you.

Thank you Lisa for living a life where others win. You are a great teacher.

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