NC police investigating after Instagram posts indicate clowns will attack schools

NC police investigating after Instagram posts indicate clowns will attack schools

GREENSBORO, NC (WBTV) - Police in Greensboro are investigating after a social media account claims clowns will come into area schools and attack the students inside.

The Instagram account "Greensboro Clowns" started posting messages Wednesday afternoon, leaving messages indicating schools could be at risk.

One post read in part: "… we will be going to schools in Greensboro!! Starting with northeast highschool to kernodle middle school to eastern Guilford high to northwest high to grimsley to western Guilford be expecting lock downs we will be close and ready to attack because? WE ARE NOT CLOWING AROUND!!"

Greensboro police say they cannot determine the intent behind the messages nor verify the identity of the person or persons behind the profile.

"It is possible that these messages may be someone's attempt at humor or a misguided effort to disrupt school," said Capt. Nathaniel Davis, who commands the Greensboro Police Department's (GPD) Criminal Investigation Division. "Regardless, we are treating them seriously and attempting to locate the people who posted the messages."

Police say they were contacted by a concerned parent and have since been contacted by other residents.

"Guilford County School officials and GPD School Resource Officers, as well as the Guilford County Sheriff's Office, are aware of the messages and remain vigilant for any suspicious activity," police said. "Officials are also collaborating on the investigation."

Thursday afternoon, the previous messages were removed from the account and a new photo was posted with no explanation.

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