BLOG: Why we (reporters) are here, covering Matthew

BLOG: Why we (reporters) are here, covering Matthew

Charleston, SC (WBTV) - We get the question every now and then as media folks, why do you go into the middle of a hurricane and tell everyone else to leave?

I've been thinking about that lately and I have a pretty good answer I hope people might consider.

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive and massive forms of weather that Mother Nature can throw at us. Larger storms can kill people. They do kill people. So why do we choose to go against our own advice?

Think about this for a second: Imagine you've never seen a single piece of video of an entire metal garbage can flying down the street being carried by almost triple digit wind speeds. You never saw roofs ripped right off of their buildings. No widespread flooding was ever recorded. Imagine none of that chaos was ever documented and then the governor told you you should leave. Would you? Likely not.

We're documenting history, which is what we do every single day. Sometimes we document things for the greater good and in the interest of public safety.

Some people call that stupid. I don't. I'm actually Safety Sally when it comes to storm coverage. We have lots of instant information and equipment to help us determine when it's just not safe to be outside anymore. We know when a projected storm is growing so large and so powerful, that the risks of covering it outweigh the benefit of showing it to you. We leave then too.

We don't exactly know what Matthew has in store for us just yet, but we're proud to be here to provide coverage of it.

- Kristen Hampton

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