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Man dies at kid's baseball game, parents question safety at fields

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A local man watching his son play baseball in Huntersville suddenly collapsed and died on the sidelines. Some parents are questioning why there was no emergency equipment, beyond other parents performing CPR, that may have saved his life.

Wednesday night was 11-year-old Tripp Dow's first baseball game since Sunday. He was playing with his rec-ball team, but on Sunday it was with his travel-ball team.

"We were confused we didn't know what was happening," Tripp said.

Tripp said other parents performed mouth to mouth and CPR on a man who collapsed.

"One of my friend's moms went over there to the other team said they don't need to watch this," Tripp said, "So, we all prayed and then went around the back so we couldn't see anymore."

Freddie Dow, Tripp's dad, said a man died during his son's travel-ball championship game and wonders if anything could have prevented it.

"Why don't these places have any kind of medical equipment or maybe a first responder on hand, an EMT on hand.  Not knowing if it that would save that guy's life," Dow said, "Might save someone else's in the future."

Under North Carolina law only high school football games are required to have athletic trainers on site. Dow realizes it would cost money for things to be different on the ball field, but he says parents already pay large fees to organizers.

"What's it going to hurt to pay an extra few hundred dollars a weekend per field to provide safety?" Dow asked.

WBTV couldn't get ahold of Sunday's tournament organizers to ask about future games.

"Maybe there'll be some change someday, I don't know.  If anything they'll be a lot of people talking about this in the next week or two," Dow said.

Dow said maybe there could be changes at all fields. The Dows said they are praying for the family of the man who died.

"One of the kids it was his dad he was crying," Tripp said. "Honestly, I would act the same way he did if that was my dad."

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