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Two weeks after Keith Scott shooting, CMPD chief says there's still work to be done

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (CMPD) are asking for a review of its policies and procedures. They've called on "The Police Foundation," an independent, non-governmental research group to examine the department's relationship with the community.

Chief Kerr Putney says he's open to change, but won't be making any impulse decisions until the review is complete.

"Right now, we’ve got to move forward and heal our city. We’ve got to gain trust in people who haven’t trusted us historically,” Putney said.

Putney knows it's an uphill battle, but he’s ready to take it on with help from an outside eye.

"I want the independent assessment because I have my own opinion, and sometimes you can’t see the forest through the trees,” he said.

It has been two weeks since chaos descended on Charlotte’s streets. Putney still supports the decision Officer Brentley Vinson made to shoot and kill Keith Scott, but he says the ultimate decision is in the hands of the District Attorney.

"I stand behind everything I said. So obviously, if I felt that the law had been broken, I would have taken a different action,” Putney said.

Putney applauded the tireless work and long hours put in by his officers.

"They are a professional, resilient group. They are some honorable men and women who are willing to put themselves in harms way to make this city safer and I can’t help but respect that,” he said.

There are still calls from some for Putney’s resignation. He says he has no plans of going anywhere.

"People can fire me, but I don’t quit. Asking me to quit is probably not a very good use of your time,” he said.

Earlier this week, members of the city council released a letter standing behind Putney. WBTV asked if he's felt the same support from Mayor Jennifer Roberts.

"I think I have all the support I need. The community, the outpouring of support has been amazing and I stand behind that,” he said.

The Police Foundation’s review could take a couple of months to complete. There is no word yet on how it is being funded.

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