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Hurricane Matthew impacting hotel bookings in Charlotte area as coastal residents evacuate


At the hotels off Arrowood Road in Charlotte, the story is the same. Phones keep ringing as coastal residents call for a place to stay.

“We are getting a lot of bookings from the coast. People want to come in and stay with us and they’re a little panicked right now” said Toni Sawhney, the general manager of Holiday Inn Express & Suites on Arrowood Road.

Sawhney said people aren’t sure what the weather will do so they’re looking for a getaway.

The Greater Charlotte Hospitality and Tourism Alliance said hotels in the Charlotte area are seeing a drastic increase in bookings for this weekend because people are coming for race weekend in Concord and the Panthers are playing Monday Night Football.

Now, Hurricane Matthew is threatening to make its presence felt on the coast – forcing people there to look for rooms where-ever they can.

 “We flew to Hilton Head for a golf vacation and we were going to spend four days there and then we had two great days of golf and then we were told we should be evacuating” said Janice Faulstich who is visiting from California.

After Hilton Head, Faulstich and her husband were heading to Salisbury, Maryland for a high school reunion.

Mrs Faulstich said they were supposed to fly from a Hilton Head airport but it closed. She said it was then suggested they fly from Savannah but they decided that wouldn’t be wise because that city is on the coast also and the “likelihood of that airport being closed by Thursday  is pretty significant so we thought we could just hedge our bets and come here.”

The Faultstichs will fly to Maryland from Charlotte. They said they don’t mind the change in the plans.

“We look at it as an adventure. We’re retired. It’s not like we have some place to be other than at the reunion,” Mrs Faulstich said. “It would be nice to be playing golf but you do what you gotta do.”

Hotels are welcoming the business the weather is sending.

“We are ready for them. We are doing everything to make them comfortable” the general manager at Holiday Inn Express said. 

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