BLOG: Hurricane Matthew shifts track again, moves closer to Florida

BLOG: Hurricane Matthew shifts track again, moves closer to Florida

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The storm has temporarily weakened to a category 3 after moving over mountainous terrain. Winds are standing at 120 mph and the pressure is up to 962 mb. Unfortunately, it will be back to category 4 status as it moves closer to the Bahamas on Thursday morning.

One of the changes is that the track is moving closer to the coast of Florida and maintaining its category 4 status through Friday morning as it moves within miles of the Florida coast.

From there, it will move along the Georgia coast and close to Charleston, SC. By then, it will be a category 2, with just over 100 mph winds. The best news is that models are starting to take the storm out to sea from there. With a right turn, the worst of the storm looks to miss the northern part of the SC coast and most of the NC coast. There should still be heavy rains and gusty winds along the coast – but avoiding a direct hit would be a great benefit to the states.

As for the WBTV viewing area, the farther Matthew goes out to sea, the fewer impacts. We could still see rain from Friday night into the day on Saturday but with the current track, most of us would be looking at less than an inch. Winds would be a bit higher than usual but not likely damaging.

By Sunday, our weather will improve greatly. Highs will be in the 70s with the returning sun.

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