Morning Motivation: Principle 8

Morning Motivation: Principle 8

Each day is a gift, and managing time within this gift can be a challenge.

Have you ever lost track of time? We all have.

We play the game of time juggling constantly. However, with time juggling, the time you place in one area is stolen from another area which needs just as much time. This is why having a strategy in place is so important.

This system I created is Principle 8: The ability to place needful activities in there right buckets.

Each day has 24-hours, and broken into three segments of eight hours: Sleep, Work, Leisure.

This is system, while applied appropriately, will help alleviate stress, make you more productive, alert, and engaged in the world and responsibilities around you.


  • Keep your time organized and systematic
  • Know what you are going to do before you do it
  • Don't steal from one bucket because you will only hurt yourself in the long run

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