CMPD releases additional police videos from Keith Scott shooting

RAW VIDEO: Additional Body Camera Video Released by CMPD

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The family of Keith Lamont Scott watched previously unreleased portions of the police video Tuesday that show his shooting and death and police released the video to the public. The video shows the deadly encounter between Scott and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

Scott, 43, was shot and killed in northeast Charlotte on September 20 at The Village at College Downs apartment complex on Old Concord Road.

CMPD says plainclothes officers were in the area to serve a warrant on another person when they encountered Scott. That encounter ended in Scott being shot and killed.

Last week, CMPD said the additional video would be released this week after the family had a chance to view it.

Scott's family viewed the unreleased portions Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. Scott's family and the public have pleaded for the release of the remaining video by CMPD.

**WARNING: The following videos are unedited and very graphic in nature. They may not be suitable for all viewers**

VIDEO: Click here to see the previously unreleased body camera video | Click here to see the previously unreleased dash camera video

"You see a human being, a father, a husband lose his life," said Justin Bamberg, an attorney for the Scott family.

In the full dash-cam video, Scott can be seen getting shot, but most of the nearly two hour video consists of officers walking around by the crime scene.

In the full body camera video, officers are seen trying to revive Scott, who can be heard groaning. The actual shooting is not caught on the body camera.

"Stay with me. Stay with me brother," says one of the officers in the video.

Several officers mention the presence of "a gun" at the scene, but no footage of a weapon is caught on the body camera.

"Stay right here with the gun," one of the officers can be heard saying to another.

The officers also repeatedly ask Scott what his name is, but the dying man only continues to moan. Eventually the moaning stops, and the officers try to keep Keith Scott breathing. One first responder identifies Scott's gunshot wounds.

"We got three shots here. Left wrist, bottom of the abdomen or left abdomen and the back of the shoulder," says the person.

The officer wearing the body camera is eventually pulled away and taken to an ambulance as other medics step in to treat Scott. The attorneys for Scott's family said the full videos don't answer any major questions.

"There is nothing on any of these videos that would lead a reasonable person to believe that Keith Scott was about to harm one of those officers," said attorney Charles Monnett.

However, the attorneys do say the videos prove the officers didn't know who Scott was, because the officer's ask Scott what his name is several times. The attorneys argued that because the officers didn't know Scott, they would  have had no knowledge of whether or not Scott was legally carrying the alleged gun before he was shot.

The attorneys also said the videos do not conclusively show the gun Scott was accused of holding.

"At the end of the day, the question still remains - whether or not this was a justified shooting or not," said Bamberg.

It has been ten days since CMPD Chief Kerr Putney held a press conference and released a portion of dash-cam and body camera video, as well as previously unreleased photos and information about what led to the incident with Scott.

The initial videos released by CMPD shows just over a minute of body camera video and two-plus minutes of dash camera video.

Before the family made a written request for the video to be released to the public, an attorney for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department refused a request from WBTV to release the remaining video.

Although CMPD initially denied full access to the video of the scene following Scott's shooting, CMPD attorney Judith Emken did provide additional details about what was in the video that is being withheld.

Emken said she believes there was not any video recorded prior to the two-minute portion of either the body-worn camera or dash camera video that was released on Saturday. Both cameras belonged to the same police officer.

Emken said that portion of the body cam video shows personnel performing CPR and was not released because it is 'very violent' and bloody. She said it consists of the groaning and 'gurgling sounds of a dying man's last breaths.'

That portion of the video was not initially shown to Scott's family either.

Emken said the dash cam recorded a total of one hour and fifteen minutes of video. She said the portion of the video not released to the public just shows people milling around the scene and does not show anything relevant to the shooting.

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