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Woman says DWI crash caused her to miscarry twins


A Gaston County couple is sharing their story after surviving a terrifying head-on collision involving an alleged drunk driver. Laura Sapp says she was 13 weeks pregnant with twins, but miscarried after the crash on Sunset Road in Stanley. 

"It was very fast. They were fine one minute. The next, they were gone," Laura said. 

According to the report taken by the Stanley Police Department, Nathan and Laura were driving through a sharp curve Wednesday morning when 36-year-old Bruno Valadares Souza crossed the center line and hit them head-on. Laura's headlight is still sitting on the side of the road.

"After he hit me I watched his car go about 20 feet in the air and fall to the ground," she said.

Stanley police said Souza was drunk and had an open container in his vehicle. The report states he was charged on scene for both, but Souza was never arrested.

"That kind of upset me even more - knowing if he wouldn't have been driving we would be OK and our babies would be here," Laura said. 

The couple and Souza were all taken to the hospital after the crash and, according to Stanley Police and the Gaston County District Attorney, DWI arrests don't always happen after a suspect is released. It's case by case.

According Souza's citation, a court date is scheduled for November 8, but nothing in the online court database confirms it. Nathan and Laura want to know why he didn't end up behind bars like so many other drunk drivers. 

"Why was all this hurt caused, but no justice served yet?" Nathan asked. 

WBTV asked Stanley Police if any charges were pending involving Laura's miscarriage. They said they're unable to definitively prove it was caused by the accident.

Nathan and Laura are grateful their lives were spared, but they can't help but think about what was lost in a few short seconds on that curve last week.

"I know God's in control. But it's easy to say, 'why God?'" Nathan said. 

There are no warrants currently out for Souza's arrest in Gaston County. 

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