Morning Motivation: The Do-Good Life

Morning Motivation: The Do-Good Life

(WBTV) - Each day our first act should always be to do good. Not just at the tasks at hand for the day, but towards the good of human kind.

The Power of a Do-Good Life is to live a life that you are not ashamed of, a life where you are celebrated by all and not tolerated. The do-good life is to life a life that at the end of the day you are proud that you partnered with your day, and proud of the outcome you accomplished.

There are three principles to living the Do-Good Life:

I. Honor the work and achievements of others. This is where the golden rule comes into affect. It is important to do unto others the way you would like them to do unto you. This is key. People will treat you the way you treat them, and also will treat you the way they see you treating yourself. If you find no value in you people will be blinded on how to find value in you as well.

II. It's impossible to stumble when doing good. In life there will always be opportunities for us to miss the mark, or to lose our way while traveling through the corridors of life. If you goal is to do good at all cost it will be impossible to lose sight of the life you are determined to live.

III. The Golden Rule. When you do good unto others others will do good unto you. It is important that the way you treat others is creating a mental blueprint to others on how you would like to be treated. It is important to always be aware of how you are interacting with others. You will consistently create tone that others will follow after.

Live fully. Live engaged. Live to live the Do-Good Life.

- Coach LaMonte