Speak Out Editorial: Taking a Knee -- Your Opinions

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Taking a Knee -- Your Opinions

The following is a response to a recent Speak Out editorial. The views expressed are solely those of the speaker.

The San Francisco 49ers and their controversial quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, recently visited Bank of America Stadium.
This prompted our editorial calling for more dialogue regarding race relations in our country.
Some of our viewers feel Mr. Kaepernick’s controversial kneel-downs during the National Anthem show disrespect to a nation that’s provided him so many opportunities.
But many of you sided with the back-up quarterback, who’ll be paid $12 million this season.
Monica Gatlin thought the controversy was blown out of proportion: 

"I'm amazed that people would get bent out of shape because they feel like someone disrespected the American flag by choosing not to stand."

Greg Cranford of Newton voiced his support of all non-standing NFL players, and took an even stronger stand: 

"I hope all players – black, white and all races – will stop standing until the police killings stop."

And Anette Young suggested that our station provide a platform for the community to engage in more discussion:  

"I hope WBTV will continue to exhibit great journalism by helping to organize effectual conversations in our community regarding the issues raised by Mr. Kaepernick."

Following the tragic events that unfolded in Charlotte last month, perhaps in part due to Mr. Kaepernick’s prompting, we still need to have a lot more conversation to help bring about healing.
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