Road trip safely with safe driving tips

Road trip safely with safe driving tips
N Charlotte Toyota safe driving
N Charlotte Toyota safe driving
Are you planning a big trip to see fall leaves or to catch your favorite football team play? This time of year is great for road trips! The weather is cooler, the traffic is less, and the scenery is beautiful. Soon the hectic holiday time will be here, so now is the perfect time to get away. However, Toyota of N Charlotte wants to remind you to be safe out on the road – it can get dangerous if you’re not using safe driving techniques!

Safe driving tips for your road trip

Take the kids to see the leaves change color, or gather up a group of friends to catch a football game in person! No matter the reason for your trip, or the destination, it’s just important that you get there safely! Safe driving all starts with safe packing. When getting your N Charlotte Toyota ready for a road trip, keeps these tips in mind on how to pack a car:
  • Do not exceed payload capacity. Check the owner’s manual of your N Charlotte Toyota to ensure that your cargo doesn’t go over the set payload capacity. Exceeding this set weight limit can increase your chance of a rollover, especially in an SUV.
  • Don’t block your view out of the back of the car. Make sure you don’t stack items too high that you can’t see out your rear windshield through your rear view mirror.
  • Stack heavy items on the bottom. Keep smaller and lighter items near the top to prevent them from being squished or damaged.
Don’t forget to make sure everyone is buckled up safely! Strap kids into their proper child car seats to keep them safe in the car, and have everyone in the car wearing their seat belt. Include snacks and entertainment to keep the little ones happy!

Use defensive driving in your N Charlotte Toyota!

Once you’re on the road, your goal is to make it to your destination safely! While behind the wheel, keep defensive driving techniques in mind. Safe driving on the road includes:
  • Leaving space between your N Charlotte Toyota and the cars in front of you. Following too closely could lead to a collision if the cars in front were to suddenly stop.
  • Paying attention to your surroundings. Keep an eye out for reckless drivers and road debris that could be hazardous.
  • Abiding by road rules and speed limits. Yield to pedestrians and right-of-ways and don’t speed!
  • Using headlights and windshield wipers in the rain. Maximize your visibility on the road so you can see and other drivers can see you!
Toyota of N Charlotte wants to remind you to NEVER drink and drive. If you’re road tripping to a football game, don’t forget to select a designated driver! No one that’s been drinking should get behind the wheel. If no one is able to drive, call a cab or a friend to pick you up!
For more tips on safe driving for your next road trip, give our new Toyota dealership near Charlotte a call! (888) 883-3797