Make sure your A/C is fit for fall with Toyota service!

Make sure your A/C is fit for fall with Toyota service!
Toyota Service in Charlotte
Toyota Service in Charlotte
Did your car’s air conditioning give out this past summer? It definitely was a hot one! Sometimes, the air conditioning systems in our can stop working and we’re stuck sweating and being uncomfortable while driving. On the other hand, cool fall air is coming and so is winter. If your car’s heater isn’t working, you could be driving to work and home cold every day. To help keep you comfortable on your commute, our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte has air conditioning auto service tips.

Stay cool with Toyota service

So the A/C in your Charlotte used car isn’t working – now what? The first step is to check and troubleshoot. Typically, air conditioning problems are because of blockages or leaks. If you’re experiencing trouble with your air conditioning system, check:
  • For debris blocking air from getting over the condenser. Leaves, bugs, and dirt can stop air from getting past the condenser and blowing cold air. If this is the problem, you’ll feel the A/C blowing cool but not cold air.
  • That your condenser and radiator are running when you turn on the A/C. If both auto parts are running when you switch on the air conditioning, there is another problem. If one or both are not running, you could be faced with a blown fuse or fried wiring.
  • For any leaks or pin holes. If your air conditioning system has a leak, it will not build up enough pressure causing it not to work. Leaks typically occur in hoses and seals of the compressor or through holes in the condenser.
  • The air filter. Over time, the air filter can get clogged up with dirt and dust. Clean it out carefully and reinstall. This should help the air flow better!
At our auto service center in Charlotte, we can get you’re A/C working like new again! Our Toyota-trained technicians can inspect the entire system for any clogs, leaks, or malfunctioning parts.

Charlotte auto service gets you ready for winter

Fall weather is cool, but winter is cold. When leaving your house or work, your used car is the only break you get from the harsh weather – unless your heater is broken. If your car heating system isn’t working, you’re stuck with freezing behind the wheel.
Your heater depends upon your engine and coolant to warm up your cabin. The warmth from the engine gets your coolant moving in the radiator, and warms up the heater core. The heater core is responsible for the rise in temperature in your car’s cabin. If you’re faced with a frigid ride, you could have:
  • Low coolant levels
  • Leak in your radiator
  • Broken thermostat
  • Malfunctioning heater core
  • Broken blower fan
If you’re having problems with the heater in your Charlotte used car, bring it by our Toyota Service Center. Our auto service technicians can diagnose the issue and perform auto repairs in no time!
Don’t drive uncomfortable because of weather! Let our Toyota-trained technicians take care of your cooling and heating system. To schedule an appointment, call us at (888) 378-01214!