Morning Motivation: Wisdom Recalled

Morning Motivation: Wisdom Recalled

(WBTV) - Today is more of an exercise. Write down three pieces of wisdom someone shared with you in some past time in your life.

In life we have learned the greatest lessons from those we encounter on a daily basis. It is from these passings that we are shaped and our understanding forever altered based off of the lasting impression one has had on us.

With this exercise categorize the wisdom received.

First, money. Second, life purpose. Third, self-respect and honor!

With this exercise it is important to acknowledge not only the advice presented but the source presenting. This exercise is intended to help you to revisit these lessons, reapply these lessons, and by recalling passing them on to those around you.

Remember, you are not only a student of life, but a teacher as well. Let your lessons become a way we live and conduct not only your life but those around you as well. Have your best day yet.

Your Coach,

Coach LaMonte

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