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Remaining police video in Keith Scott shooting to be released next week

(Source: Family of Keith Lamont Scott) (Source: Family of Keith Lamont Scott)

The remaining police video from the deadly encounter between Keith Lamont Scott and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police is expected to be released next week, CMPD said Friday.

Scott, 43, was shot and killed in northeast Charlotte last Tuesday at The Village at College Downs apartment complex on Old Concord Road. 

Scott's family and the public have pleaded for the release of the remaining video by CMPD. 

The following release was sent from Charlotte police Friday, saying family will view the video first, and then it will be publicly released.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has made arrangements for members of Mr. Scott’s family to review the remaining body worn camera and dash-cam video of events following the shooting in its entirety.  Mr. Scott’s family has since requested in writing at 4:49p.m., today  that the video footage be released publicly. 

We will honor the family’s request and release the video once they family has reviewed the video next week.

- Office of the Chief, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

CMPD says plainclothes officers were in the area to serve a warrant on another person when they encountered Scott. That encounter ended in Scott being shot and killed.

Multiple days of protests and marches followed the shooting, including violent protesting and even some rioting in uptown Charlotte.

Since Scott's death last week, protesters, organizations and politicians have called for the police video to be released to the public.

Last Saturday, CMPD Chief Kerr Putney held a press conference and released a portion of dash-cam and body camera video, as well as previously unreleased photos and information about what led to the incident with Scott.

VIDEO: CMPD releases body camera, dash-cam footage in Keith Lamont Scott case

The video released by CMPD shows just over a minute of body camera video and two-plus minutes of dash camera video. Protesters, activists and groups have called for CMPD to release the entire, unedited video.

"We're going to be as transparent as we can be, but what I'm not gonna do is just -  because of comments and pressure and politics - allow for something that's not thoughtful, deliberate and I'm not gonna set a precedent that would put us in a conflict moving forward with the law," Putney said about the release of the video.

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Putney says what he's done in this investigation is wait until the investigation had "progressed enough that it wouldn't be adversely impacted." He said he released "the specifics of the incident that give the facts to people."

"As you see, people are still gonna make up their own minds. That's why there is a decision by the District Attorney and potentially a court of law that can work through what the real facts are and come to some conclusions that would dictate what justice looks like," Putney said.

Some groups of activists have called for Putney to step down in the wake of the investigation.

"I give it as due notice, as due regard, but I don't quit. I'm not a quitter," he said. "I'm gonna see this through. My city deserves that."

GRAPHIC: Video shows deadly encounter between Charlotte police, Keith Scott

Regarding the public having its say in the streets, Putney is among those defending the right to protest but he comes down against lawlessness.

"A lot of time for me, it’s a release valve. People have a quick outlet. Unfortunately - and what we don't want to see - is that becomes violent and criminal. You start breaking into businesses and looting and you start assaulting people and officers in particular - it become problematic," he said.

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Putney says he thinks the city of Charlotte has been metaphorically knocked down and people are waiting to see if the city can get back on its feet.

"I think we can. I think this time we'll get up and be better for it," he said. 

"We gotta stop having surface level conversations about race and injustice. We gotta really dig into that and then we gotta take action," Putney continued. "People are tired of talking - so am I. Let's get to work."

Putney says CMPD plans to "double down" in their engagement with the community.

"Anybody willing to meet us half way, we're gonna work with them to make a better, safer Charlotte."

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