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CMS teachers hope change will happen this year

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) District teachers are saying enough is enough. They want change to come to their classrooms.

"Weary, they are very weary because of the changes that needed to occur and the changes that did not occur in order to make it a better work environment for everybody,” president of the Classroom Teachers Association Judy Kidd said.

CMS has about 9,000 teachers on the rolls and some of those teachers are choosing to find other places to work.

"There are still plenty of them who are leaving Mecklenburg County because they have found that they may make less in another county, but they feel valued in other counties and it is an immediate feeling," Kidd said.

Kidd said feeling valued is important for teachers. She added that teachers sometimes feel they are the bad guys when there is an incident involving them and students.

"They felt the students were in charge and they weren't," Kidd said. "And that the side was always taken against the teacher was with the student. When they went to another county, they found out that's not the way it works."

Other teachers claim they feel ignored when it comes to academic achievement happening in their schools.

"Let us come to the table and sit down and give some suggestions," Charlotte Mecklenburg Association of Educators (CMAE) President Erlene Lyde said.

Lyde said her constituents want to help boost test scores but they claim their principals don't want to hear their plans to make it happen. Teachers are getting frustrated.

"It seems people are reaching out to me more and saying they thought things were going to get better, and they tried to allow it to get better," Lyde said.

Lyde said this year her organization will launch a campaign called "Eradicate the Culture of Fear." This program allows teachers to call a hotline and anonymously file a complaint against their bosses. It started last year but didn't get as much traction as leaders thought it would get.

"They are telling me to please bring it back. They are ready now," Lyde said.

Teachers are also concerned about teacher pay. They said the recent significant raise didn't happen for all teachers and they said that is disappointing. Teachers are hoping this year will get better. They said despite all the challenges they face, what's keeping them in the classroom is their passion for teaching.

"There's nothing more gratifying to a teacher than when they reach a child," Lyde said.

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