Missing ring returned to grateful owner after WBTV Good News story airs

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GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Friday morning we set out to try and find the owner of a gold men's ring with 5 diamonds lined across the top. Friday afternoon we found out the good people in the world aren't hard to come by at all.

A few weeks ago, Larry Bragg and his wife Peggy ran over something with their buggy in the parking lot of Sam's Club in Gastonia. It was a gold ring with an inscription on the inside- "Bill 50th Love Gay."

The Braggs decided to contact WBTV after not being able to find the ring's owner on their own. We posted a picture of the ring on Facebook and only gave the names "Bill and Gay" hoping the unique couple name would help bring the owners forward. Turns out there are more "Bill and Gay" couples in Gaston County than you might imagine.

Several of them contacted us, none of them were missing a ring.

I scoured the internet for people looking for missing rings. No one was missing one that matched the description of the one found by the Braggs.

That's when I decided to call Gaston County Police to see if maybe the ring had been reported stolen by someone. A very kind officer with GCPD helped us find a couple that might just be the owners of the ring.

Bill and Gay Carpenter of Gastonia happened to be searching for a ring lost in at the Sam's Club. I asked Bill over the phone what the ring looked like, "It has diamonds across the top. My wife gave it to me for our 50th anniversary."

We hadn't revealed that detail on Facebook. Bill seemed absolutely flabbergasted when I told him someone had found it.

Friday night, we went over to meet the grateful Carpenters with the Bragg family right behind us. The ring was returned and two couples became fast friends.

I asked Bill why the ring was so special to him and he looked over at his wife and had only a short reply, "Because I love that woman and she gave it to me."

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