Breast cancer fighter, member of #TeamMolly passes away

Breast cancer fighter, member of #TeamMolly passes away

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - I feel compelled to write this post. Just heard Wanda Bryant, longtime breast cancer fighter, survivor and inspiration, died this morning.

There we were giving out our #TeamMolly t-shirts today, and this had just happened to one of our longtime team members. She'd been a part of our group for years as she fought and fought her breast cancer.

Wanda was dedicated. No matter her status – sometimes walking, sometimes in a wheelchair – Wanda would often come out for Susan G. Komen Charlotte "Race for the Cure". She was always accompanied by her best friend Fonda Bryant.

Yes. Wanda and Fonda. The names of two best friends. They shared a last name but had no relation. It was a hoot. They were the first to laugh about it.

Fonda has been updating all of us who knew Wanda for weeks.

She says Wanda finally passed this morning after a long past month. Fonda got to see her.

"Wanda was a special person who touched many people," Fonda said. "Even with her inflammatory breast cancer she went to Africa to do missionary work, thinking of others besides herself. I don't know many people who would do that."

Fonda says Wanda never said, 'Why me?'

She's survived by her father and her son, DeAngelo.

"Team Molly" will miss her this year.

So will Fonda who said today, "She is one of the best people I have EVER known."