Morning Motivation: Skillful and respectful confrontation

Morning Motivation: Skillful and respectful confrontation

(WBTV) - There is a time and place for everything…and this includes confronting an individual.

There are times when we have either been offended, or witnessed an offense, and believe that a conversation is necessary with an individual. It is better to be truthful with someone than to allow a matter to go un-confronted. There comes a time when a tongue can no longer be silent, and words must become our healing balm.

Some people just aren't aware that their presence may cause an affect in you or around you. We in many cases are blinded by our own actions and unaware that we may offend others. We offend and believe we mend. It is abject to what the true cause may be.

We must be willing to acknowledge our wrongs and at the same time, with love, show others their wrongs.

Many can simply be in the dark about a subject you can reveal as light. This can only be revealed through true dialogue.

There is a great power in skillful and respectful confrontation. There are some behaviors we can not bypass. There are many things we must confront. It is our inability to confront timely conflicts which delay and make situations worse.

I. A gentle answers turns away wrath. It is key to confront in peace not condescending. To confront with a peaceful tone is better than becoming condescending when speaking to someone. The tone you approach in will determine whether or not the hearer will receive you.

II. Be prepared for the unexpected, but maintain your ground. We may all have a vision that the person we are confronting will receive our words, however this not simply true. Show no disappointment if your words are not received immediately. Keep in mind the moment you approach a person you are competing with past experiences, situations they deem familiar, and whatsoever events have transpired during the day. Know when to approach and the best scenario to do so.

III. Approach without judgment. So many will confront an individual with preset judgment, believing that they are automatically right. Know that just because you are confronting someone does not mean that you are in the right. It simply means that what you believe can not longer go unsaid must come to the light.

Keep this advice in mind the next time it becomes necessary to have…THE TALK. Have your best day yet!

Your Coach,

Coach LaMonte

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