Toyota service for tailgating season

Toyota service for tailgating season
tailgating auto service
tailgating auto service
Have you ever thought about the affects tailgating has on your truck or SUV? Getting off the beaten path to find the best spot and loading up all your gear can be tough on your truck if it’s not prepped for it. At our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte, we want to make sure your car is ready for football season with tailgating auto service!

Toyota Service for Tailgating

Your team is playing next weekend, which gives you plenty of time to visit our Charlotte auto service center for car maintenance! During one visit to our Toyota Service Center, our trained auto technicians can inspect your ride from bumper to bumper. To help you get ready for tailgating, our Toyota Service technicians will inspect elements of your vehicle like:
  • Suspension: Our Charlotte auto service center technicians will inspect all components of your suspension, including the struts, shocks, wheel bearings, axles, and CV joints. They will tighten up nuts and bolts in your chassis to ensure that your vehicle is ready for a heavy payload or tough tow.
  • Tires: While your payload rests on the suspension of your car, the suspension rests on your tires. Without reliable tires, you may end up stuck or stranded. Before you pack up for the game, have the pressure and tread depth checked on all of your car tires! Low tread depth could lead to a blowout from too much weight. If this is the case, you should get new car tires from our Charlotte Toyota Parts Center.
  • Motor oil: Working your engine hard can be risky if you don’t have fresh motor oil. Before you haul or go tailgating with your truck, get a cheap oil change in Charlotte. If you don’t get an oil change, you increase the chances of your engine malfunctioning, resulting in costly auto repairs.
  • Car battery: A lot of people use their truck or SUV to play music for the tailgate, or light up the area with its headlights. However, leaving your vehicle powering these components for a while can be detrimental to your car battery. Ensure that your battery is up to the task with a charge test. Our Toyota service techs may recommend getting a car battery replacement if your current battery is over three to five years old!

Charlotte auto service tips for towing

Do you tow your trailer or grill to the tailgate? Don’t forget all of the necessities like:
  • Tow hitch and receiver
  • Tow ball
  • Tow bar
  • Wiring harness
  • Tie-down straps
It’s extremely dangerous to tow without the proper equipment. You cannot simply attach a rope or chain to the back of your vehicle to tow. This could cause extensive damage to whatever you’re towing and your vehicle. If you’re in need of towing tools or equipment, visit our Toyota Parts Department. Our Charlotte auto parts store has everything you need for successful towing AND hauling.
For more tailgating auto service tips or to schedule an appointment at our Toyota Service Center, call us at (888) 378-1214!