Fall safe driving tips

Fall safe driving tips
N Charlotte Toyota safety
N Charlotte Toyota safety

Soon, the leaves will be changing colors and starting to fall to the ground. Eventually, the temperatures will drop and the weather conditions will begin to change. Animals start to breed and come out into the open. These are all changes that are experienced during the transition from summer to fall! The fall season is a beautiful time of year; however, it does come with its fair share of hazards. When you're out on the road during autumn, it's important that you use safe driving practices!

Safe driving tips for fall

If you’re unfamiliar with the dangers of driving in fall, Toyota of N Charlotte can explain! Our new Toyota dealership near Charlotte has tips to help you handle safe driving during fall.

Wet leaves can be slippery!

When leaves fall from trees into the roadways, they cause more hazard than just distractions! Leaves littering the streets can cover up lane lines, causing confusion for drivers. To prevent drifting into the wrong lane, keep an eye on the outer lane and edge of the road. This can help you maintain your lane and keep you safe!
Leaves present other dangers, too. Leaves get wet from rain, frost and dew – and this wetness can be dangerous for your drive. Wet leaves can be just as treacherous as snow or ice! If you find yourself driving on wet leaves, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership suggests:
  • Avoiding sudden braking.

  • Taking turns slowly.

  • Slow down.

Fall weather can be gray!

Colorful leaves come with the fall season, but so do gray clouds. During fall, fog, frost, and rain can all be experienced. When you’re driving in bad weather, use defensive driving techniques like:
  • Use your headlights and windshield wipers. Maximize visibility by lighting up your path and clearing your windshield.
  • Do NOT use your hazard lights. Only turn on your flashers if you are pulled off to the side of the road or your car is disabled.
  • Leave safe following distance. Don’t follow too closely behind a car. Leaving distance allows you to have more reaction time in case of sudden braking.
  • Reduce your speed. Travel slowly in case traffic slows down, the roads are wet, or you do not have maximum visibility.

N Charlotte Toyota safety tips

Watch out for animal crossings!

Autumn weather is the beginning of breeding season for a lot of woodland animals, including deer. Deer will be more present on the sides of the road, especially during sunrise and sunset. While driving, pay attention to animal crossings and reduce speed when you see an animal.
If you are to see an animal in the road, do NOT:
  • Stop in the middle of the road. Other cars could crash into you.
  • Jerk the steering wheel. This could cause you to lose control.
  • Honk your horn. You could spook it and cause it to get hurt.
To avoid hitting an animal in the road, you should attempt to:
  • Slow down.
  • Pull off of the road safely in the animal doesn’t move.

  • Flash your lights to get it to move.

For more fall safe driving tips, give Toyota of N Charlotte a call at (888) 883-3797!